Affordable Lease

Wings of Eagles Aircraft Leasing is coming soon to Alliance International Airport in Fort Worth, TX.

Wings of Eagles will be an aircraft lease program. That means you pay for the flight hours you need.  You can sign a contract for one year or get multi-year savings

Wings of Eagles leases the modern, fast Bonanza G36 airplane.

You leave all the hassle of airplane ownership to the expert staff at Wings of Eagles. Wings of Eagles pays for; maintenance, hangar, insurance, scheduling, cleaning and avionics subscriptions for the aircraft. You only pay a modest monthly fee for those services.

Wings of Eagles is here to assist you in freedom to fly by providing a fast, safe, aircraft and great service at affordable prices. To speak with an experienced staff member, simply contact us in Fort Worth, TX at your earliest convenience.


For Investment Opportunities, Call the CFO at (817) 999-8358